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May 12 - Orchid Highway's Naughty Weekend

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Orchid Highway is a typically silly bunch, with peppy-poppy tunes, a psychadelic bus, and a typically hilarious
approach to everything. Take a look at their weekend schedule to see what I mean. They locked themselves
in the ASS for 48 hours and invited any and all to come on by to party. The most fun I had all weekend.
I ended the night there, and it was fan-diddly-astic! Got comments? That's whats the guestbook is for.

The very first event on the schedule was the Citrus Suspension, later to become part of the Tea With Shandra video
The band performed at 2:00am, more than enough time for people to stumble over from the other closed bars
Everyone wanted a last chance to stay out after hours and have more drinks
The place was extremely crowded until about 3 or 4
Sadly, I missed all the nakedness and filming
and they never did get the live goat, darn it!
What's up with this guy? He was the bartender - serving up more than drinks, perhaps?
The Sprite-colored bar room. Look at all those happy, drinking people. That's Jordan from 69 Duster in the foreground
Moooore lemons - the stars of the show

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